Wine and Love

Wine and Love

Jimmy J. Pallavicini


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Wine and Love is poetry written with heart and passion. The heart is a vulnerable piece of ourselves, giving your heart to someone and receiving the love from another soul. Passion is the energy behind love, the will to follow and lead, the feeling of knowing something matters, and knowing you want it with all your heart and soul. Poetry is a gift that God gives the writer. The stars, the heavens, and the earth all represent God. God is a part of us all. He is the energy that keeps us moving. The world around us is his gift to us. We are all one.

Expressions of the soul,

Our soul is forever.

We learn and grow,

Inspired by love and the lessons of life.

Our favorite things come from the soul.

Love and life come from the soul.

Knowing someone's soul is knowing love,

Experience and learning from the world.

Jimmy speaks of wine as if he is speaking to his true love with elegance in metaphor. God gave us wine. Let's have a sip and unwind. Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet, and Tempranillo are just some of the grapes Jimmy mentioned, bringing the beauty of the grape and speaking of it as if it's the love of his life. The grape represents the beauty of a woman.

He speaks of flowers, nature, and the heavens, describing the passion inside him for the beauty of nature, the bee, and the tree. Go back and notice the beauty all around us--the eagle in the sky, the moon and its light. Jimmy speaks of nature to bring us far from the noise of the modern world.

Love, love, love...what a beautiful thing.

Without love, we don't grow.

The hug, the all helps us glow.

This is the focus of Jimmy's words,

The ups and downs of love,

The smile, the eyes, and falling in love.

We all go through it. Sometimes just once, sometimes more. We learn and grow from every relationship.

This collection of poetry is written for the soul.