A House of Ruin

A House of Ruin

A Clue-like Whodunit Mystery for Fans of Agatha Christie

Pamela Crane


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A murder that stole 1982 national headlines: “Renowned Family Slayed in Home”

A case that remained cold for forty long years.

The Eyler family was anything but average. The father a top literary agent and the mother a duchess, they thrived in their prestigious mansion surrounded by luxury…and secrets. Secrets that would eventually cost them their lives.

On a cold autumn night, their legacy ended with a grisly massacre in one of the most horrific scenes ever investigated. Soon details splashed across every newspaper of how the family of five lay slaughtered in their library, cursing the mansion as it became branded the Execution Estate. With no witnesses and no motives, the killer remained free. The case grew colder. Speculations grew darker. Answers grew dimmer.

Until now.

Former estate manager, Derl Newman, steps forward four decades later with a suspicion and a wild clue that could lead investigators to finally solve the puzzle of why a killer would murder a family yet leave the many priceless heirlooms behind. The gardener with a grudge? The bitter butler? The maid hiding her mischief? With insider knowledge of what happened that fateful night, Derl meets with renowned documentarian Keisha Fenty to expose everyone’s darkest secrets that brought this house...and everyone who entered it...to ruin.

A humorous whodunnit short story perfect for fans of Clue-like locked-room mysteries.

"If Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes had a baby, they'd birth it in A House of Ruin!" – reader review


Pamela Crane:
PAMELA CRANE is a USA TODAY bestselling author and professional juggler of four kids, a writing addiction, and a horse rescuer. She lives on the edge and she writes on the edge...where her sanity resides. Her thrillers unravel flawed women with a villainous side, which makes them interesting…and perfect for doing crazy things worth writing about. When she’s not cleaning horse stalls or cleaning up after her kids, she's plotting her next murder. Visit her website to get a free book at www.pamelacrane.com.