The Adventures of Nala

The Adventures of Nala

The Case of the Missing Wallet

Dr. Vanessa Howard, Rachel Nala


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You won’t believe what Nala is up to this time. Can you believe that going to the park with her grandmother, could create a real-life mystery? Nala is an ordinary girl who does extraordinary things. She loves to spend time with her family and her series of books shares generational family relationships. Wherever she goes it doesn’t’ take long before her snooping instincts take over. Nala sets out to solve the case of the missing wallet, when it vanishes into thin air. Or does it really?


Dr. Vanessa Howard:
Dr. Vanessa Howard, affectionately known as Dr. V, is an award-winning educator and author. She is also a #1 Amazon Bestselling author with her debut memoir, “From the Projects to a Ph.D.” Dr. V. started her writing career writing nonfiction stories for children in elementary schools. Her high interest reading materials were very instrumental in helping students prepare successfully for states annual assessments. Currently, she is collaborating with her granddaughter on a series of books entitled, “The Adventures of Nala.” Nala struggled in the classroom using the writing process, so she provided support and tutoring at home. One day, while editing and revising one of her stories, they spontaneously laughed. The stories were shared with the family and the rest is history. Her motto is, “Discover Life, Literacy, and Legacy with Dr. V,” all elements can be found in her body of work. Other projects include Christian, contemporary, women’s fiction, and non-fiction books that focus on relationships and women’s issues. Dr. Howard has a passion for literacy, and she can be found volunteering to mentor teachers and students on using effective literacy instruction. She conducts professional learning workshops, site-based coaching, and program certifications across the country. She is a dyslexia practitioner, Director of Clinical and Field Experiences for pre-service teachers, and teaches other courses at the university level. In her spare time, she loves to sew and spend quality time with her family.|||