Code Based Secret Sharing Schemes

Code Based Secret Sharing Schemes

Applied Combinatorial Coding Theory

Selda Çalkavur, Alexis Bonnecaze, Romar dela Cruz, Patrick Solé


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Secret sharing schemes form one of the most important topic in Cryptography. These protocols are used in many areas, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering. A secret is divided into several pieces called shares. Each share is given to a user of the system. Each user has no information about the secret, but the secret can be retrieved by certain authorized coalition of users.This book is devoted to such schemes inspired by Coding Theory. The classical schemes of Shamir, Blakley, Massey are recalled. Survey is made of research in Combinatorial Coding Theory they triggered, mostly self-dual codes, and minimal codes. Applications to engineering like image processing, and key management of MANETs are highlighted.Contents:

  • Foundations
  • Massey Scheme
  • Blakley Secret-Sharing Scheme
  • Alternative Schemes
  • Applications
Readership: Academics interested in Coding Theory, and Cryptography. Engineers and Researchers working in digital security. The book can form the basis for a graduate level course on the topic, to be a part of a master degre in Crypto or Computer security.Security;Cryptography;Image Processing;Coding Theory;Self-Dual Codes;Minimal Codes;Codeword Support;Blockchain;Distributed Storage;Key Management;Missile Launch Codes;Numbered Bank Accounts;Cloud Computing;Threshold Schemes;Secure Multiparty Computation;Homomorphic Computation;Erasure Codes;Access Structure0Key Features:
  • There are several books devoted to Secret Sharing Schemes but this is the first focus on their relation to Coding Theory


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