Learn to Program with Kotlin

Learn to Program with Kotlin

From the Basics to Projects with Text and Image Processing

Tim Lavers


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Teach yourself programming starting with the basics and progressing to a series of exciting projects using Kotlin, one of today's hottest programming languages. This book starts with the absolute basics and then introduces just enough syntax to get into some fascinating projects. These include text processing: a statistical analysis of Jane Austen's novels, solving anagrams, and working with palindromes; image processing: cropping and resizing images, and pixel transformation; and computer vision: finding digits, parsing images, and reading speed signs.

The projects are developed in tiny steps and complete solutions are provided. Some of these projects include core data science concepts, giving you skills in one of the most important areas of modern programming. Along the way you’ll cover functional programming, object-oriented programming (OOP), refactoring, and writing unit tests.

After reading Learn to Program with Kotlin, you'll come away with practical insights and code to get you started right away with programming using Kotlin for your own projects. 

What You Will Learn

  • Gain the basics of Kotlin using the IntelliJ Java IDE
  • Implement OOP with Kotlin along with unit testing and code refactoring using a series of text-related projects
  • Harness functional programming with Kotlin by building an image-processing library
  • Write software to locate and read speed signs in photos

Who Is This Book For

Anyone who wants to learn how to program or code from scratch. Also great for experienced programmers who want to know more about Kotlin. 


Tim Lavers:
Tim Lavers is a senior software engineer at KPMG with expertise in Java, Kotlin, and other programming languages employed for data engineering and enterprise software projects. He is also a mathematical hobbyist in his spare time.