The Branded Supply Chain

The Branded Supply Chain

A New Perspective in Sustainable Branding


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The topic of this book is new and innovative, as it merges two different and usually separated domains – the brand and the supply chain. Why is it relevant to propose a new perspective merging these two domains? Brands are evolving from cultural symbols to educators, influencers and agents of social change. In this evolution, their supply chains are increasingly under scrutiny from a variety of externalstakeholders seeking information that includes, and frequently exceeds, what the companies are legally obliged to disclose and communicate. The book presents an original paradigm emerging from the combination of academic literature and business insights according to which, in the new scenario, the supply chain shouldbe considered as an extension of the brand, and a unique content to story-tell. Brands should develop new and broader narratives, ones which are fully plugged into their purpose, emotional but fact-based, and addressing all stakeholders. Different authors have teamed up to propose a roadmap to improve the organizational culture towards sustainable branding with the support of insights from leading companies in luxury, fashion, beauty and food.