Personalized and Precision Medicine Informatics

Personalized and Precision Medicine Informatics

A Workflow-Based View


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This book adopts an integrated and workflow-based treatment of the field of personalized and precision medicine (PPM). Outlined within are established, proven and mature workflows as well as emerging and highly-promising opportunities for development. Each workflow is reviewed in terms of its operation and how they are enabled by a multitude of informatics methods and infrastructures. The book goes on to describe which parts are crucial to discovery and which are essential to delivery and how each of these interface and feed into one-another.

Personalized and Precision Medicine Informatics provides a comprehensive review of the integrative as well as interpretive nature of the topic and brings together a large body of literature to define the topic and ensure that this is the key reference for the topic. It is an unique contribution that is positioned to be an essential guide for both PPM experts and non-experts, and for both informatics and non-informatics professionals.