The 18Th Letter

The 18Th Letter

The Book of Destiny

Amenhotep XVI


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Dare believe in big dreams, ideals grand and vast; Dare believe in infinite nature of thine own thought, And possibilities, opportunities on the morrow, harness; For as thou believe, thou surely shall receive, surely attain; Amenhotep XVI believes in following exquisite dreams, pursuing perfection and splendor, and plucking the watercress of one’s destiny from the dark depths. Within three hundred inspirational poems and prayers shared to spur and inspire all to embrace the divine magic of their preordained nature, he lyrically encourages others to actualize their God-given talents; awaken their true identity as the creator of their life; harness and harvest the power of imagination; cultivate the ardent mind; keep the embers of great hope alive; and move past obstacles with courage, resilience, perseverance, persistence, and the fortitude of a threshing ox. Throughout his diverse collection, Amenhotep provides gentle reminders to not only live a life full of deep meaning, virtue, and true purpose, but also with joy and full felicity as heaven decreed. The 18th Letter is a collection of poems and prayers inspired by the wisdom provided within the three books of Holy Scripture.


Amenhotep XVI:
Amenhotep XVI is the pen name for Isaac K. Tlhako, born in the Limpopo Valley of Southern Africa. He holds a BSc in chemical engineering from Wits University in Johannesburg and a bachelor of commerce from the University of South Africa in Pretoria. Amenhotep has many interests that include philosophy, religion, history, African folk music, homeopathy, and astronomy. The 18th Letter is his first book.