Little Mr. Prose Poem: Selected Poems of Russell Edson

Little Mr. Prose Poem: Selected Poems of Russell Edson

Russell Edson


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A baby that keeps losing its brain, a cow in a wedding gown, a woman whose chest is a radio — bizarre and whimsical figures populate this collection of dreamlike prose poems from Russell Edson (1935-2014), with a Foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Simic.

A seminal voice in American prose poetry from the sixties onward, Edson’s whole career is surveyed in a single volume edited for our times, presenting a new and contemporary view of a poet of startling imagination and strangeness. Craig Morgan Teicher calls us to witness Edson’s obsessions with the curious, the absurd, and the peculiar, and the ways in which they can haunt our daily lives. The prose poems in this collection mold our everyday into something extraordinary and unsettling. 

Edson’s poems are surreal fables in which his characters experience all that life throws at them— marriage, parenthood, technological advances, aging, dying, the afterlife— through irreverent dialogue and vivid imagery in turns both humorous and grotesque. Russell Edson is a vital and ever-contemporary poet with a unique moral and comedic vision, whose literary career quietly yet definitively shaped the prose poetry subgenre as we know it now.  


Russell Edson:
Russell Edson (1935-2014) was the author of many books of prose poems, including The Very Thing That Happens, The Reason Why the Closet Man Is Never Sad, The Rooster’s Wife (2005), and See Jack.  He is also the author of a collection of plays, The Falling Sickness, and the novels Gulping’s Recital and The Song of Percival Peacock. He lived in Darien, Connecticut.