Our Beautiful Mind

Our Beautiful Mind

Prince Michael Owokoya


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“Our beautiful mind” is like the ‘Bible’ that everyone wants to lay his hands on. Everything that’s needed for our positive progressions and empowerment in life is right here on these pages for our consumptions and reassurances. We can open any page and find impactful and comforting messages relevant to our needs, wants and desires, and relatable to our spiritual upliftment, and emotional delights.


Prince Michael Owokoya:
Prince Michael Owokoya comes from the ascendancy of an old traditions and ancient Royal Family background. He comes from the millions of years of philosophical impressions, expressions and declarations. Prince has a very powerful philosophical and beautiful mindsets that are brilliantly preoccupied and engaged with prophetic messages, and magnificient assertions as a poet and a philosopher who believes unequivocally in God, humanity, progressivism and compassion. And also believes strongly in the power and directions of our beautiful mind-----the mind of God. ______