Love & Lexapro

Love & Lexapro

Emma Alexis Woodard


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If you’re brain doesn’t produce natural happy chemicals, store bought is fine! But the side-effects are abundant, and you’ll probably never tell anyone how you feel to their face…A chronicle of one poet’s time on the prescription anti-depressant Lexapro, including the ins and outs of all the things she wished she’d said. From falling in love to falling apart, from losing your mental stability to losing your religion, the struggles of complex human emotion are broken down into poetry and prose to give meaning to pain and make sense of it all. This book dives into the things the author could’ve said during her first real relationship, to the first woman she fell in love with, to all the men who let her down, and to the cult that held her and her happiness hostage for most of her early to mid-twenties. For every thorn, there’s a rose – and an ode to the people loved, eternally, by the author. Lovers, survivors, and artists, this book is for you. People healing, people wanting, people needing, this book is for you too. This book is for the ones who feel everything, and say nothing.


Emma Alexis Woodard:
Emma Alexis Woodard is hoping to find her peace by publishing this mass of emotion and medication. While this book is only the first of her’s to be published, she has been writing poetry and prose since she discovered rhyme. Woodard currently resides in small town California, where she is working on becoming an Art Therapist, with the tireless love and help of her cat Bella. As stated by a dear friend of the author, it is said that she “wouldn’t take Emma to a warehouse rave – wait no I would. Emma is the best”. While Emma herself cannot guarantee the validity of the label “best”, she certainly tries and tries and endlessly tries to be a good and kind person. It’s important to her that she find creative outlets to express her emotions, and she hopes that in some small way her writing can be a part of someone else’s love story or healing journey. As a January Aquarius, she’s an anal retentive and wrote this biography countless times whilst avoiding calls from her publisher…She’s trying to be better.